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  1. Thanks for all the custodians helped watering the gardens and greenhouse during the hot summer vacation. The butterfly garden have lots of fully bloomed flowers.
    The compost/vegetable garden is full of tomatoes, melons, peppers and herbs. Some are ready to harvest.
    Possible 3rd grade will have time to come to enjoy the gardens they planted in spring and they have transformed into fruitful and beautiful gardens.


  2. Free frozen yogurt!
    Every month there is a plant picked for the “Star Plant”. Before the Star Plant goes displace with its information at the library. Any student can guess the name or species of the Star Plant have a chance to win an Orange Leaf coupon to enjoy a frozen yogurt.
    September Star Plant is Spider/ airplane plant. There is no winner. If you are interested about the plant, check out the plant at the library.


  3. Estabrook greenhouse is giving out a plant to the winner who who submitted the right name of the Star Plant of the month for “guess my name”. The winner is picked on Friday first or second week each month. Keep your eyes on the school front entrance for the monthly Star Plant! Participants are limited to Estabrook students only. Please encourage your children to participate.


  4. Sadly to let you know Estabrook Greenhouse has lost a lot of plants due to heating system had went in problem just before school vacation week. It also caused a frozen water pike. Heating system and water pike have been restored.
    First grade Marigold seed to seed project did not get any bad outcome from this incident. In fact the marigold seeds have sprouted and are growing beautiful greenly.
    Other greenhouse plants are under rehabilitation, hopefully they will rebound!


  5. Spring has arrived early this year. Many birds have visited our kindergarten and first grade classrooms bird feeders. Thank you for Wagon Wheels and Ace hardware in Lexington generously donated birdseeds to support this bird-watching activities for our young graders.


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