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Lexington Singapore School is offering the summer program this June!

The summer program is designed to prepare kids for a successful transition to the new school year in Fall. For each grade, we focus on key concepts that the kids need to master in order to excel in the coming year’s curriculum, e.g.

Grades K-1: Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction
Grades 2-3: Multiplication and Division, Fractions
Grades 4-5: Fractions and Geometry
Grades 6,7,8: Algebra and Geometry

Besides reviewing these concepts learned in the previous year, we’ll focus on building a strong foundation for the following year using Singapore math strategies and will also introduce some topics that will be covered in the next grade. Small class size.

Refer a friend (not a current Lexington Singapore School student) to join you for our Singapore Summer Math Program and you will both receive a 10% discount.

For details and to enroll,

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