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Redistricting Announcement (2/20)

At the January 22nd School Committee meeting, Superintendent Julie Hackett announced the start of Phase II elementary and middle school redistricting. Phase I redistricting began in 2015, with an outcome of some modification of the elementary school assignment map that applied to new, incoming students. It was planned that Phase II would involve a more comprehensive effort that would occur at or near completion of the new Lexington Children’s Place and Hastings Elementary School.

It is now time for us to begin the challenging and important work of adjusting our school assignment maps. Phase II Redistricting is expected to be more widespread, impacting more neighborhoods and areas of town than our 2015 redistricting effort. Our goal is to effectively use existing and newly available school capacity to ensure learning environments that are as equitable as possible for all students across the district. New maps will be implemented for the 2020-21 school year.

A complete project timeline is available at The full Superintendent’s report can be read at New information and redistricting updates will be posted to the Superintendent’s blog at

Interested in participating in our Advisory Committee? Parents or caregivers may apply here between now and February 20.

Interested in staying informed and up to date on LPS elementary and middle school redistricting? Information and updates will be posted to the Superintendent’s blog at

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