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One Teacher in Ten Community Discussion (4/25)

April 25, 6:30-8:00pm Community Discussion (Free)
Lexington Depot (13 Depot Square)
Sponsored by the Lexington Community Coalition

Talk with LGBTQ+ educators, parents and students about their experiences and good practices for fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (pre-K to college).

Our community discussion will feature:
Asa Sevelius (he/him/his), pre-K to grade 8 school principal (our moderator for the evening)
Dr. Sevelius is the principal of the Heath School in Brookline and the first out transgender principal in the Commonwealth. He has a clear commitment to issues of social justice, closing opportunity gaps, high-quality early childhood education, and fair assessment and evaluation practices. School culture and professional development are particular passions of his.
Kelly Jenkins (she/her/hers), middle school teaching assistant
Avon Lewis (she/her/hers), high school teacher
Larry Freeman (he/him/his), parent
Seneca Mieth (he/him/his or they/them/theirs), college student

About the Community Book Discussion
Each year the Lexington Community Coalition organizes one to three community book discussions on topics relevant to the Coalition’s goals of reducing stress, reducing substance use, improving mental health, and fostering inclusivity. Each event begins with an overview of the core themes of the book, reflections and questions to consider, small group conversations, and full group discussion of thoughts arising from the small group conversations.
For our community discussion of the book One Teacher in Ten, Dr. Asa Sevelius will offer an overview of the book, ask panelists to share their reflections, pose questions for small group conversation, and facilitate full group discussion. We hope many community members will participate in this sure-to-be illuminating event.

About the Book
For more than 20 years, the One Teacher in Ten series has served as a source of strength and inspiration for LGBTQ+ educators. This edition brings together stories from across America—and around the world—resulting in a rich tapestry of varied experiences. From a teacher who feels he must remain closeted in the comparative safety of New York City public schools to teachers who are out in places as far afield as South Africa and China, the stories in this book show that LGBT educators are as diverse and complex as humanity itself.

“This book is filled with heart-warming, inspirational stories from beginning to end. Many of the stories brought me to tears. It makes clear some of the wonderful progress our nation has made in the past 10 years toward greater equality, as well that we can make even more. I am so pleased that our children have so many wonderful, diverse teachers.”
–Steve F, Parent

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