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LEF Strategic Volunteering – How to keep your skills sharp on a career break (9/26)

A complimentary session open to adults, Thursday, Sept. 26, 8:30-9:30am, LPS Administration Building 100 Maple St.
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Looking to find a new career after being out of the workforce? Interested in jump-starting a stalled career or business? Need to find new paid work? Join us for a complimentary workshop on strategic volunteering, brought to you by Lexington Education Foundation and FlexProfessionals.

This workshop will explore transferable skills and the power of volunteering in strategic ways to help with your next professional steps. Come to hear the story of how
Mary Ellen Ringo, Lexington mom, volunteer and now Director of Development of the Cary Library Foundation utilized her volunteer experience to find a new career; and
Katie Cutler, Lexington mom, volunteer and now Candidate Manager at FlexProfessionals practiced new skills in volunteering that transferred to a career.
Volunteering not only benefits nonprofit organizations doing work to affect positive change, but also allows you to utilize your current skill set or develop new areas of expertise, often bringing the same application skills as paid roles. This non-traditional professional development avenue may help you change careers, jump start a stalled career or position for a return to paid work.

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