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Free Yoga kids classes (2/1)

Incredible 2 weeks of free classes in January and a very special pricing deal of $75 per month (auto renew)

FIRST MONTH ONLY $50 – unlimited kids classes!

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Kids auto renew can begin after the 2 weeks of free kids class in January. Your credit card will be saved and billed each month on the date you signed up. You can cancel anytime but we require 30 days notice via email to cancel. For the promotion you get the first month for $50 and then each month after that the billing will be $75.
Kids drop in and 5 pack have a one year expiration listed on them but we have always extended packs that people pay full price for.
These pricing options will not work on adult classes, prenatal, parent and me or family flow.

If you want to be sure to receive information & kids SALES first please submit your email.

We promise to only send you relevant stuff and great discounts!

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