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Lexington SEPAC: calling volunteers!

The Lexington SEPAC is the advisory group representing parents of children with IEPs or 504 plans in Lexington Public Schools. We know this is a truly difficult time right now as parents of children with needs, and now is the time to advocate and advise the District more than ever before.

We welcome you to join us on our board, as we work together to give all children safe and equitable opportunities in Special Education. Board members attend a business meeting every other month.

  • School Parent Liaison roles usually take up less than an hour a month on average.
  • The Treasurer role involves 1-2 hours/month on average – all you need to know is basic Excel!

Positions up for election are listed here. Positions with candidates that have come forwarded are noted below, all others have no nominees.

Executive Board Board Positions School Committee
Co-Chair (2 candidates)
Secretary (1 candidates)
Treasurer Membership (2 candidates)
School Parent Liaison Bridge
School Parent Liaison Estabrook
School Parent Liaison Clarke
School Parent Liaison Diamond
School Parent Liaison Fiske
School Parent Liaison LHS-(3 candidates)
Liaisons (2 candidates)

Interested in learning more about a position?
Please contact Georgia Swann, Carol Webb and Marina Levit. We hope to have you join us!

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