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LPS – Community Input Team for Full Return to School

In case you missed it – from Dr. Hackett’s newsletter dated 12/01/20 (excerpt below)

Now is not the time to turn our attention to a full return to school.  We are experiencing a second surge and rates of transmission continue to increase in Massachusetts and throughout the nation.  Our goal is to continue with in-person learning for as long as it is safely possible to do so.  There are times when we have to go slow to go fast, and a premature rush to a full return to school ultimately could compromise our ability to offer in-person hybrid learning. Once the pandemic subsides and the rates of infection are lower—perhaps early in January depending on the trajectory of the virus—we plan to assemble a Community Input Team (CIT) to explore our local data and the possibility of bringing our youngest students (starting with Kindergarten, then first grade, and so on) back for a full return to school first.  For those interested in sharing your ideas or expertise, please consider applying to the Community Input Team for Full Return.

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