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LEF COVID-19 Management Fund

LEF is excited to be partnering with Lexington Public Schools in establishing the LEF COVID-19 Management Fund to support and facilitate safety-related needs for Lexington Public Schools during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Together We Can

Invest in safety that provides a community benefit to all.


LPS has developed a comprehensive saliva-based surveillance testing program in conjunction with Mirimus Clinical Labs to begin the week of January 11th, with a possibility of extending testing, if a vaccine is not yet available and it is needed. Testing is expensive and LPS resources are not unlimited; eight (8) weeks of staggered testing in LPS is expected to cost upwards of $200,000.

We are asking for pledges from our community as we seek to raise $200,000 to deliver this testing program. Donations to this fund should be viewed as an investment in safety that provides a community benefit to all. 

Be part of the solution by donating to the 

LEF COVID-19 Management Fund.

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