Community Event

Winter Cycling Workshop (1/18)

Tuesday, January 18, 6:30-7:30PM @Lexington Community Center

Fee $5

Register online:

Think you can’t bike in winter? Think again! Cyclists of all ages, experience, and abilities are encouraged to attend this workshop. Join local expert Jim Cadenhead and learn about winter weather cycling options and accessories to keep you riding year-round! Jim is a Lexington resident and owner of Battle Road Bikes in East Lexington. He is also on the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee and coaches the local youth mountain biking team, Afterschool Suspension. He has over 20 years experience in the bike industry and has been teaching and hosting bicycle clinics and workshops since 2005, and is a Certified League Cycling Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists.  

From clothing to tires to everything in between, come learn from Jim, and feel free to ask any questions or even share your advice with others in this communal setting. 

This workshop is open to people of all ages & abilities. Bike lights, reflective items, educational and information resources, plus hot cocoa included, (safety allowing)!

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