Community Event

In a Different Key (3/31)

In celebration of April’s Autism Acceptance Month, please join us for the Massachusetts premiere of the award-winning film “In a Different Key” on March 31st at 6:30pm in the Lexington High School Auditorium.  

This film has not yet been released to the public but has won several film festival awards this year, leading up to this broader release.  You can view the trailer here.  Following the film screening, we will be hosting a panel and community discussion.    Please register for the film screening here.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize Finalist book, “In a Different Key” delivers a powerful message regarding the role that community and inclusion has on the life of individuals with disabilities, by intertwining the stories of the modern day families impacted by autism and the first person diagnosed with autism in the US.  The film explores how a small Southern town successfully embraced people with disabilities, and the benefits to the community of doing so.  

In addition to registering yourself, we ask that you also consider inviting a “+1”, ideally a friend, co-worker, classmate, or neighbor, who is part of your life to further spread the message of how powerful inclusion of individuals with disabilities in our communities can be.

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