Community Event

Cary Library Children’s Room Renovation

ChiRP! Relaunches

In early 2020 we began our community engagement in preparation for a major renovation of our Children’s Room – and well… the pandemic happened. We’re happy to be relaunching that process again now!

Because we know that not everyone was able to give us feedback in 2020 and also the way in which you engage with the Children’s Room has likely changed in the last two years, we want to hear from you!

Opportunities to provide feedback:

Question of the Week (begins May 31st):

We will post on our social media platforms and in the Children’s Room

Take our quick 4 question survey!

Email us! – have thoughts you want to share, we want to hear them! Send us an email. Or email us to set up an appointment to talk with a member of the ChiRP team directly (in person or via zoom).

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