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(1/18) Author Talk: Natasha Warikoo

Author visit and book signing with Natasha Warikoo for her book “Race At The Top: Asian Americans and Whites In Pursuit Of The American Dream In Suburban Schools”

Tensions can sometimes be felt beneath the surface as we all strive for what is best for our children’s education and future, but in a different ways.  Natasha Warikoo, sociology professor at Tufts University, examines one underlying force in “Race At The Top” culminating from case studies at a school she calls “Woodcrest High” which bears similarities to Lexington and other affluent suburbs across the nation. Warikoo paints a vivid portrait of white and Asian American parenting views on academic excellence and success in a highly competitive environment. What can we learn from her insights on what drives these different parenting approaches? And what are the implications for the children living beyond the boundaries of affluent suburban towns? 

Read the book and join us at Cary Library Jan. 18 at 7pm for a discussion.  Register by clicking on the link below or by scanning the QR code in the attached flyer:

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