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Lunchtime Composting & Recycling at Estabrook: Volunteer and Make a Difference!

Join our Green Team volunteer team and help save 12 bags of trash each lunch period! It’s simple – help Estabrook kids compost and recycle during lunch! We need parents to volunteer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:15am-1:20pm. Parents can volunteer every other week, once per month, or once in a while. It’s a great opportunity to participate at Estabrook if your time is limited. You can also volunteer for part of a shift. The youngest kids (who need the most help) eat lunch from 12:55-1:20pm. 

All volunteers must have a CORI (background check) on file with the school. If you do not have a CORI please visit the front office at school. 

Please sign up here


We are proud to report that over 1,250 pounds of unwanted textiles were collected in the Bay State Textiles (BST) collection box at Estabrook during the month of December and 14,440 pounds of textiles in 2022! Way to go! BST pays our schools $100 per ton of material collected! Please look for the white collection box in the Estabrook parking lot and visit the Bay State Textiles website to learn more about what items can and cannot be donated. You can donate clothing, footwear, accessories, and linens in both good AND stained/ torn condition as long as the items are clean and dry. Support our school and help the environment in one easy step! 

Looking for more ways to be “green?” Visit Lexington’s Environmentally-Friendly Living webpage for ideas.

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