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(4/27) What’s Your Tree Story

Lexington Living Landscapes in partnership with the Lexington Tree Committee, is soliciting tree stories from Lexington community members to share within our community. Cary Library will be devoting the big “idea wall” in their Living Room space for the whole month of April and part of May (covering Earth Month and Arbor Day–April 28) to display submitted stories, and we are in conversation with the Lexington Center businesses about displaying some stories in storefronts over Arbor Day weekend (April 27-30). Stories will also be posted on the Lexington Living Landscapes website.

What’s Your Tree Story?

Is there a particular tree or group of trees that figures prominently in your life? Perhaps a tree

you planted when a child was born or when someone dear passed away? One where an important

event in your life happened? One that you climbed as a child or in whose shade you often sat?

This April Lexington Living Landscapes and the Lexington Tree Committee are teaming up to

gather and share stories of our trees and what they mean to us. Do you have one that you can


If so, please send it to us at no later than April 22. Stories can be as

short as you wish but no longer than 300 words. Feel free to attach a photo or drawing if you


Entries will be displayed at Cary Library through the month of April, in the windows of

participating Lexington Center merchants Arbor Day weekend (April 27-30), and on the

Lexington Living Landscapes website.

Help us raise awareness of how much trees enrich our lives. Write your story today!

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