Support your PTO today by becoming a member and you will be granted access to the online directory as soon as your membership has been confirmed! In the directory, you can see who has already updated their class teacher and therefore who will be in your child’s class.

To support the PTO, go to and fill in the join code: estabrook.

If you are an existing family, you can also log in directly to the MySchoolAnywhere (MSA) website at Estabrook PTO will be using MSA for all event and membership management moving forward. Please bookmark the login link for future reference. NOTE: Opting out of receiving communications from MSA will result in not receiving any electronic PTO updates.

Once in the system, follow the instructions for entering new family data or updating/confirming existing family data. For all families, this is where you will enter or update your child’s assigned teacher for the 2016–17 school year. This will compile the class lists that will be made available to all PTO members.

After you enter your family data, you will be taken to the online membership shopping cart. Each level is presented as a product, which you can view for more details on what the level includes.

Access to the full online directory will be granted to PTO members only. To view details such as class lists and contact information for classmates, you must be a PTO member. Electronic access is granted via an email with a link to the online directory.

This process MUST be completed annually. Even if you did this last year, please confirm your data for this year’s directory!

In order to give members access as quickly as possible, please complete your data entry or data confirmation by Friday, September 9, 2016. Paper directories will be printed and distributed only after all data entry and confirmation is complete.

Thank you for helping us make our school directory process a success!

If you have any questions, please contact us at