PTO Executive Board & Chairs

2016–17 PTO Executive Officers

Sara Cuthbertson & Olga Shaw

Sara Sheikh

Vice Presidents
Pauline Benninga, Membership
Pei Ling Ferguson, Fundraising 
Karen Griffiths, Curriculum Enrichment 
Katie Guilfoyle, Staff and Teacher Liaison 
Laurie Lanier, Community Service
Summer Parker, Communications
Linna Ma, Communications
Diane Pursley, Volunteers

Jennifer dos Santos
Dana Moroze

2016-17 Committee Chairs
4th Grade Math Olympiad- Annie Park and Zhiru Li
5th Grade Math Olympiad- Grace Yuki
5th Grade Basketball- Sara and Andrew Eberle and Erin Serino
ACT- Gretchen Reisig and Karen Griffiths
Baking for Conferences/Teacher Breakfasts- Beth Ross
Big Backyard Chair- OPEN
BOKS- Susan Taverna McLaughlin and Cindi Keene
Book Fair- Patrice Cleaves, Pei Ling Ferguson, April Maloney, and Susan Taverna McLaughlin
Box Tops- Shweta Gupta and Janel Showalter
Chess Club- Grace Yuki
Community Service- Laurie Lanier
Directory- Pauline Benninga
Family Friends- Tina McBride
Family Math Nights- Erika Johnston-Keith and Christine Kuder
Farmstand Fundraiser- Tobin Finegold and Janel Showalter
Game Night- Stacey Mann and Natalie Fieldgate
Google Group- Seema Sinha
Greenhouse- Jackie Lam and Mike Broderick
Holiday Marketplace- Trish Carey, Raquel Leder, and Pei Ling Ferguson
Ice Cream Night- Pauline Benninga and Olga Shaw
Library Volunteers- Jessica Friedman
Movie Night- Hema Gandhi, Meera Nagarajan, and Janel Showalter
National Geographic Map Night- Heather Renick-Miller and Dave Reuter
Photo Day- Paula Sutton and Sharon Olofsson
Pizza Night- Gauri Govil, Samita Mandelia, and Cindy Reuter
Read Aloud Day- Diana Chism
Recycling Committee- Summer Parker and Katie Guilfoyle
Red Sox Night- Efrat Assulin, Hema Gandhi, and Alex Seigal
Room Parents- Pei Ling Ferguson
Run of the Mill- Diane Pursley and April Maloney
Science Enrichment Chair- Cami Jones
Science Fair- Sara Allen and Diane Pursley
Spiritwear- Sara Cuthbertson
Staff Appreciation Luncheon- Joyce Dvorak and Cindy Reuter
Terrarium- Mike Broderick and Olga Shaw
UNICEF- Maria Trout
Website- Annie Park and Gauri Govil

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