Site Council

Site Councils are required to be in place for all schools in Massachusetts as part of the Education Reform Act of 1993. School Site Councils are representative, school building-based committees composed of the principal, parents, teachers and community members required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.
The purpose of a school council is to:
  • assist the principal in adopting educational goals for the schools,
  • assist the principal in the identification of the educational needs of the students,
  • assist the principal in the review of the annual school budget,
  • assist the principal in the formulation of a school improvement plan.
  • The membership of the site council includes the principal, three elected parent members and three teachers.

Our current Estabrook Site Council Members are:

Principal Sandra Trach

Dan Deardorf, Parent (2014-2016)

Hema Gandhi, Parent (2015-2017)

Gretchen Reisig, Parent (2015-2017)

Jeff LaBroad, Vice Principal

Andrea Taddeo, 4th Grade Teacher

Open Teacher Slot

“Along with volunteering for the Estabrook PTA for many years, serving on the site council this past year has offered me a different enriched perspective on how Estabrook continues to evolve and set goals for improvement, making it the vibrant school that it is.” – Betsy Sarles, Estabrook Site Council 2014-15