Estabrook Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School Overview

Safe Routes to School is a nationwide initiative that is run on state and local levels by a collaboration of parents, school staff, and volunteers. Once a month, we celebrate these efforts by awarding the class with the greatest number of participants the Golden Sneaker Award (and a month of bragging rights). Our goals are to increase pedestrian safety, reduce traffic, and decrease our environmental impact by encouraging our families to walk, bike, bus, or carpool to school.

2017-2018 Safe Routes to School Days and Themes

October 4th, 2017: International Walk to School Day- Walk, bike, bus, or carpool to school and see how your small effort can combine with others’ to make a big difference in our community and the world!

November 8th, 2017: Turkey Trot- An annual favorite!

December 13th, 2017: Theme Coming Soon

January 10th, 2018: Theme Coming Soon

February 14th, 2018: Theme Coming Soon

March 14th, 2018: Theme Coming Soon

April 11th, 2018: Theme Coming Soon

May 2nd, 2018: Theme Coming Soon

Important Safety Tips


  • Walk on the sidewalk if possible. If there is no sidewalk, walk FACING traffic.
  • Dress to be seen.
  • Check carefully at driveways.
  • Cross at a cross walk when available. If there is not a crosswalk, cross at a visible place, like a street corner.
  • Whether in a crosswalk or not, stop at the curb before you cross.
  • Wait for cars to stop.
  • Look left, look right, look left again!

Bicyclists and Scooters

  • ALWAYS wear helmets.
  • Follow the same crossing rules as pedestrians.
  • Be alert and aware for pedestrians.

Bus Riders and Carpoolers

  • Wear seatbelt.
  • Exit cars onto the sidewalk, and not a road.
  • No idling.
  • Students should only be dropped off at the designated section of the school driveway, and only when staff is present.
  • Cars should not queue on Grove Street.