Estafest Auction Winners

Listed below are the auction items that were not collected on Saturday. Auction item pick up will take place during arrival and dismissal, Tuesday-Friday (March 21st-24th). Please have your payment with you (cash or check made payable to Estabrook PTO). To confirm the amount, or to make other arrangements, please e-mail Additionally, if you have won an item rather than a certificate, please e-mail to let us know when you plan on picking up so that your item can be brought to school. Thank you for helping to make Estafest 2017 a huge success!!

101     Providence Bruins     Anne Roche

102     Pawtucket Red Sox     Anwell Tsai

103     Jack Bradley autographed baseball     Annie Park

104    Red Sox- 2 Grandstand tickets     Jeff Bober

105     Lowell Spinners tickets     Katie Guilfoyle

106     BC Football tickets     Trung Ho

107     The Edge Sports Center- 10 public skating sessions     Anne Roche

108     The Edge Sports Center- 6 public hockey sessions     Esme Cohen

109     Hayden Recreation Centre- Free youth class     Susan Taverna McLaughlin

114     BTone Fitness- 5 classes     Kara Losier

115     Run of the Mill- 4 entries     Alix Fox

201     Tour of WBUR     Alix Fox

203     Pinot’s Palette     Tavery Hutchinson

205     Apple iPad mini 2 and Typo keyboard     Denise Dube

206     Faith Ed signed copy     Cindy Keene

403     Wilson Farm $25 gift card     Katie Guilfoyle

404     Special Occasion Cake      Kadambari Colaco

408b    Il Casale Gift Card     Mimi Kao

408c   Il Casale Gift Card     Dana Moroze

408d   Il Casale Gift Card     Dan Deardorf

410     Indian Themed Dinner for 4     Sara Eberle

502     Organic Nail and Spa gift card     Anne Roche

602c&d   Russian School of Math- gift basket with 4 lessons     Mimi Kao

605     Mass Ave Car Wash gift card     John Michael Streithorst

701     Black Label Gift Card     Vipul Patel

705     Catch a Falling Star Gift Card     Joan Carlson

803b    Larz Anderson Auto Museum Family Membership     John Michael Streithorst

807     EcoTarium Family Pass     N. Dad

808     The Paul Revere House- 4 tickets     Gauri Nair

810     The Sports Museum at TD Garden- Group Tour     Rachel Mott Keis

811     AMC Cinema Package     Joan Carlson

812     Einstein’s Workshop- 6 drop-in passes     Graham Trauzzi

815     The Butterfly Place Gift Card     Anne Roche

816     Santa’s Village- 2 tickets     Joan Carlson

819     Academy of Creative Arts- Who Bolly X Class     Esme Cohen

902     Pizza Lunch and Playdate with Mrs. Linton and Ms. Chartrand     Flynn Losier

903b   Pizza Lunch and Board Game with Mrs. Moretti and Mrs. Norris     Laurie Lanier

904     Picnic and lunch with Dr. Berenson     The McBride Family

905d   Afternoon of fun with 1st Grade Teachers     Kara Losier

906a    Pizza lunch and Gross Science with the 2nd Grade Teachers     Amy Boutwell

906b     Pizza lunch and Gross Science with the 2nd Grade Teachers     April Maloney

906c     Pizza lunch and Gross Science with the 2nd Grade Teachers     Lorenzo Ponzanelli

907e     Pizza and Ice cream with the 3rd Grade Teachers     Noah Wilds

909     An Afternoon with Mrs. Silberman     The McBride Family

910     Pizza and Play with Ms. Royal     Pavlik Mintz

911      LegoLand Adventure #1     Charlie Zheng

914     Sewing with Ms. Harris     Daisy McLaughlin

916a     Lunch at Flatbread with Ms. Roche and Ms. Wehrli     Gia Colaco

918     Dodgeball with the Teachers!!     Arran Ferguson, Charlie Reisig, Katie Atkins, Caren Deardorf, April Maloney, Ritika Bowry, Gina Capone, Sara Eberle, Rachel Keis, Grace Yuki, Lee Metzger, Stacey Hamilton, Manisha Patel, Mimi Kao, Annie Park, Amy Boutwell, Paula Kelsey