Debt Exclusion

Debt Exclusion Campaign and Vote: What You Should Know

  • Diamond and Clarke Middle Schools are facing overcrowding due to an increase in enrollment
  • Clarke is currently 100 students over capacity, and Diamond is at capacity, with enrollment projected to increase
  • Clarke does not have sufficient space for special education, drama, music, or science labs
  • Diamond does not have sufficient space for drama or music, and the fitness center is too small for even one full class
  • Proposed projects include “space-mining” to reconfigure existing space within the schools to maximize use, as well as expansion of existing buildings and necessary maintenance (including new HVAC system at Diamond); specifics on proposed projects can be found here
  • There will be a debt exclusion vote, likely May 3rd, to fund the middle school projects and ensure adequate learning space for all students
  • Even if you are not a registered voter, you can still support and endorse the campaign, host a yard sign, and share information with your neighbors

The Estabrook PTA Executive Board has voted to endorse and support the Yes for Lexington campaign to pass the debt exclusion. If the debt exclusion vote fails, there will be immediate negative impacts on the Diamond and Clarke middle schools. Estabrook received district-wide support when we needed a new building, and our students continue to benefit from that support. Now it our turn to offer our support to Lexington’s middle school students.

On Wednesday, April 13 at 8:45AM in the Estabrook Cafeteria, the Estabrook PTA will be sponsoring a two-part forum for parents to (1) discuss redistricting impacts on the Estabrook Community and (2) learn about the upcoming debt exclusion vote on May 3. Please consider attending to get informed on this important issue facing our town. Please email with any questions.

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