Redistricting: What You Should Know

  • There is significant overcrowding at Bowman, Bridge, and Fiske- Redistricting is just one of the methods being used to address this
  • A new Hastings will be built, but will take several years
  • Mostly incoming kindergarteners without older siblings and some current kindergarteners without older siblings are being considered in redistricting scenarios
  • Current plans do not involve movement out of Estabrook
  • Current plans take Estabrook growth into consideration
  • The School Assignment Committee, superintendent, and consultants from AppGeo will be presenting their final recommendation to the School Committee at the April 26th meeting

On Wednesday, April 13 at 8:45AM in the Estabrook Cafeteria, the Estabrook PTO will be sponsoring a forum for parents to have any outstanding questions answered. Please consider attending if you have any concerns or questions.

Helpful Links:

AppGeo Presentation of potential redistricting scenarios, considerations taken by the School Assignment Committee, and the Google doc for community feedback can be found here

Video of the Redistricting Forum held at Estabrook on 3/12 can be found on LexMedia onDemand, 2016 School Committee, School Committee Redistricting 3/12/16

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