If you are interested in being a chair for an event, we’d love to hear from you! Chairs are supported in planning their events by the Co-Presidents, VPs of Volunteers, and a team of VPs of Communications. Descriptions of all of the PTO events, clubs, and programs can be found here. Please email us at with your interests.

2022-23 Committee Chairs 

4th Grade Math Club: Greg Tully, Yong Yu

5th Grade Math Club: Vacant

5th Grade Activities: Lexi Yusah Cramer, Maria Fung, Niamh Gilsenan, Lori Giterman, Hannah Mamuszka, Catherine Weisbeck, Lauran Winick

Arts & Children Together (ACT): Trisha Perona

Big Backyard: Sara Bothwell Allen, Tan Trinh, Monica Young

Book Fair: Paula Stoler

Chess Club: Suraj Kumar

Community Postings: Karyn Zhao

Estafest: Liz Ryan, Mandy Liu, Liu Tzu

End of Year Playground Party: Rohan Reen

Fall Picnic: Beth Catto

Family Friends: Vacant

Family Math Nights: Liz Bettencourt

Library Volunteers: Vacant

Maker Night: Vacant

Movie Night: James Garnsey, Niamh Gilsenan

Photo Day: Cindy Reuter, Kristin Simon

REACH Program: Laura Peeke

Read Aloud Day: Karyn Zhao

Recycling Committee : Beth Catto, Daphne Ritzakis

Red Sox Night: Alex Seigal

Room Parent Coordinator:    Nilam Narasimhan, Karyn Zhao

Run of the Mill: Carol Sullivan

Safe Routes to School: Vacant

Science Fair: Vanita Srikanth, Sonal Acharya, Mandy Liu, Hanna Starobinets

Spiritwear: Cindy Reuter, Kristin Simon

Staff Appreciation (Events): Cindy Reuter, Kristin Simon

Staff Appreciation (End of Year Luncheon): Vacant

Staff Appreciation (Recognition Days): Vacant

Understanding Our Differences: Vacant

Winter Marketplace: Lauran Winick

Questions? Please contact and we’ll get in touch!