Our Purpose & Bylaws

Welcome from the Estabrook PTO!

Estabrook School is a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow with dedicated teachers, caring staff, excellent educational resources and a friendly community of children and parents.

The Estabrook PTO is an integral part of our children’s educational experience – please have a look on our website to see the many enrichment activities, programs, and community events the PTO sponsors throughout the year. It’s amazing! The PTO’s ability to provide all these things depends on parent support – we can’t do any of it without you. We rely on both your financial support (membership fees, donations, fundraisers) and your volunteer support. Whether you chair an event, become a room parent, or lead a Big Backyard walk, every little bit helps. And best of all – it’s fun! Volunteer opportunities are available both during the school day and outside school hours, so we are confident there are ways for you to get involved that fit your interests and schedule.

We hope you’ll join the PTO and consider finding a way to support our school community in a way that works for you!

Sheina Grossman and Kim Voce, PTO Co-Presidents 2022–23

Questions? Contact us at info@estabrookpto.org.

Our bylaws can be found here (last amended October 12, 2018).