Estabrook PTO Outstanding Service Award

Qualifications for Nomination
The Estabrook PTO Outstanding Service Award is intended to honor major commitments of service to the Estabrook Community. An individual may receive the Award only once in a lifetime.

Nominee must:

  • be an individual. The Estabrook PTO Outstanding Service Award cannot be given to a corporation, business, or group.
  • have demonstrated a significant volume, impact, and/or notable high quality of service work toward the betterment of the Estabrook school body. Examples include, but are not limited to, long-term volunteer work that spans multiple years and includes the majority of the academic year, contributions to the development of timely and relevant curriculum for Estabrook students, and event organization with a large-scale community-building impact.
  • have organized or contributed to significantly activities, events, and/or curriculum enrichment that positively affect the Estabrook students, families, teacher/staff, school space, and/or community experience.

Nominees do not have to be members of the PTO. Nominees do not have to have dependents enrolled at Estabrook. Any individual who meets the above criteria may be nominated, including current PTO Board members.

The Estabrook PTO Outstanding Service Award may not be presented every year if no candidate is clearly identified as meeting the level of excellence established by past recipients of the award.

Nomination Process
The Estabrook PTO will put out a call to its membership for nominations. Any member in good standing may put forth one nomination. The nomination period must be open for a minimum of two weeks. Estabrook PTO Board will collect the nominations and vote on the award winner based on the names given by the community. If a current Board member is nominated s/he will recuse themself from the voting process.

The Award will be announced and bestowed at the year-end general meeting.

Past Award Recipients
2018   Maria Cue
2019   Diane Pursley
2021   Pili Moreno