METCO Family Friends

What is the Estabrook Family Friends Program?

The Estabrook PTO connects Estabrook students who live in Boston with Estabrook students who live in Lexington for play dates hosted by the Lexington families once a month on Friday afternoons. Participating in the Family Friends program is a great way to help all students build meaningful connections with their peers outside of the school day. If you would like to get involved with the program or have questions, please e-mail us at

Family Friends Dates 2022-2023
Saturday, 9/17 Family Friends Meet & Greet Supper and Franklin Park Lights. For returning and prospective Family Friends participants.
Saturday, 10/8  2nd Annual Apple Picking Event
Friday, 11/18
Friday, 12/9
Friday, 1/6
Friday, 2/3
Friday, 3/10
April NO Family Friends
Friday, 5/12
Friday, 6/9
What is the METCO Program?

The Metco program is a state-funded grant program that promotes diversity and educational opportunity for more than 3,300 Boston and Springfield school students, as well as thousands of students in the Metco receiving school districts. The Metco program was started in the 1960s to provide enhanced educational opportunities for participating students, to reduce the racial isolation of suburban school districts, and to reduce segregation in city schools (Description from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education).

For more information, please visit the Lexington METCO website and the METCO, Inc. website.